Netflix Unveils Teaser For 'The Crown' Season 2, With Naughty Prince Philip

The Crown

The Trailer for The Crown Season 2 Is Here

We all fell in love with the glamor and glory of The Crown when the first season landed on Netflix previous year. Firstly, there are hints that there may be trouble in her marriage... The first season did a fantastic job of creating compelling personal interactions set against the backdrop of historic moments, and the teaser indicates the second season will follow suit. The Queen will be making her royal return to Netflix this Christmas and we've got the trailer to prove it.

In case you missed the first series, The Crown is a Netflix original that tells the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

"The Crown" Season 2 hits Netflix Dec. 8. Queen Liz is notoriously private, so any glimpse into her private life, even a fictionalized version, was a call few could resist. The series is meant to last 60 episodes over six seasons, with 10 one-hour episodes per season, covering Queen Elizabeth II's entire life, and with new actors being cast every two seasons.

Of course, the issue the Queen will always face is balancing her reign with her family. It gives us our first look at Matthew Goode in action as photographer the Earl of Snowdon, as well as Michael C Hall's US President John F Kennedy.

As the queen says with hurt and disgust, "I've learned more about humiliation in the past three weeks than I'd hoped I would in a lifetime". "The world's changing faster than anyone can catch up with. There is no letup", Foy tells Entertainment Weekly. Currently, the period drama has Emmy nominations for best drama series, lead actress (Foy), supporting actor (John Lithgow), directing, writing, title design, production design, casting, dramatic score and cinematography.

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