Owner of day care where young child died holds news conference

Owner of day care where young child died holds news conference

Owner of day care where young child died holds news conference

An Florida Department of Children and Families inspection report from last month showed that the academy had been cited for not keeping track of children being transported.

According to the Associated Press, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said that 3-year-old Myles Hill was left in the van outside the Little Miracles Academy all day before he was discovered Monday night. "I was on the phone with her and she started to scream, "he's in the van, dead!'" Myles" great aunt Barbara Livingston told the paper. "So, I want justice for my baby", Banks continued.

On Tuesday, Chief Mina asked "every single parent, caregiver, babysitter, brother (or) sister to please be sure that we are checking our vehicles for our kids".

"I'm so sorry. I took care of my kids". A day-care worker checked the van, Mina said, and police received a call from the day care about an unresponsive child in a vehicle. It was unclear whether the employee locked the van after using it.

That employee has since been fired, Thornton said.

Mike Carroll, secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, said it was investigating the death. Both locations were closed Tuesday morning. They said they'll give a statement later in the day. A spokesperson with the Orlando Police Department said that police did not expect to file any charges or make any arrests on Wednesday, but did not comment on future charges.

The cause of Myles' death has not been determined, but Mina said that based on the evidence, it is believed to be heat-related. The worker "did admit to not doing a headcount", said Mina, which led to the child being left in the van "all day". Four other children have already died in hot cars in Florida in 2017, according to the site.

The driver of the van, who has not been identified by police, said she didn't realize Myles, who would have turned 4 later this month, was still in the vehicle after picking him and other children up for delivery to another daycare location.

His family, who attended a vigil for Myles, have called for the nursery to be shut down.

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