Pokemon GO: How To Locate And Capture Legendary Pokemon MewTwo


Mewtwo Has Finally Come To Pokemon GO Shannon Grixti

Mewtwo, following a Pokémon GO Stadium Event in Yokohama, Japan on August 14, 2017, will appear worldwide.

When a player hits a Pokemon with a PokeBall, Pokemon Go's servers determine immediately whether or not they caught it based on a combination of RNG and a player's catch bonuses. Don't worry, Niantic has got your back.

Pokemon GO players are now locked in a debate about whether exclusive raids are a good or bad thing, but either way, Mewtwo is still coming. In it, we saw hundreds of players gather in Times Square and work together to defeat and capture Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Trainers would have to be invited to join an Exclusive Raid. While you had to be at that event to get your chance to catch Mewtwo, that's going to be changing in the near future. To be invited you must have recently completed a successful raid at the gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle is set to take place.

If you haven't taken part in a Raid Battle yet - and you really should, they're fun - such battles are basically group boss fights, where you up to 19 others can team up to fight a single powerful 'mon.

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It wasn't too long ago that Niantic introduced a new mechanic to Pokemon GO in the form of Raid Battles. This game is literally free - one needn't spend a single dime in this game to play.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android devices.

Almost two years ago, The Pokemon Company shared the first trailer for Pokemon Go on YouTube. Getting Mewtwo into the hands of fans as soon as possible may be a great way to change fans' minds. All eligible participants will receive a warning, and will have ample time to coordinate a strategy. Niantic also released again the other four Legendaries.

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