Protesters Injured by auto in St. Louis Intersection

Protesters Injured by auto in St. Louis Intersection

Protesters Injured by auto in St. Louis Intersection

But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch quotes a witness identified as Keith Rose as saying the driver had his middle fingers raised before accelerating through the group.

Two St. Louis police officers fatally shot Kiwi Herring on Tuesday after the trans woman wounded one of the officers with a knife, according to the police report.

Police told the Riverfront Times the vehicle had honked its horn and attempted to drive around protesters before it was surrounded.

Police say that protesters surrounded the vehicle and began striking it.

Police said the driver stopped, honked, and tried to go around the marchers, but some of them surrounded the vehicle and began hitting it with their hands and a flag pole, and that three jumped onto it and were injured when they fell off as he drove away, the Post-Dispatch reports.

Protester Keith Rose disputes that account in a Facebook post, saying no one hit the vehicle until the driver began running into people.

Jackson said the driver had been taken into custody around a block away from the scene of the incident on a charge of felony fleeing.

A relative of Herring's, Crevonda Nance, said she was killed as officers responded to an ongoing dispute with her neighbors.

Police said officers fired shots after the 30-year-old woman allegedly attacked them with a "large knife" and sliced one on the arm.

Police and those present at the vigil are giving different accounts of how the situation escalated. The three protesters reported minor injuries, but refused medical attention on the scene. Driver fled police chased not pulling over'.

Once again a demonstration, this time at the Transgender Memorial Garden on Vandeventer, was held in response to Tuesday morning's police-involved shooting death Herring.

One person ended up on the car's bonnet while others suffered "minor injuries". The incident was captured on video. The vehicle was then stopped as it was surrounded by protesters, before accelerating again, hitting several people, one of whom was flipped over the car's hood. They were not taken to the hospital.

Herring's family claims police used excessive force when they confronted her following reports that she had "severely cut" her neighbour.

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