Residents south of Houston urged to 'GET OUT NOW!!' after levee breach

Hurricane Harvey levees Columbia Lakes levee Brazoria County evacuation

Getty People stranded by flooding in Houston

After helping the driver of the submerged truck get to safety, a man floats on the freeway flooded by Tropical Storm Harvey on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, near downtown Houston.

"We want to do it better than ever before", he said.

The Brazoria County Office of Emergency Management said the levee near a resort at Colombia Lakes had failed as southern Texas continues to weather the impact from Storm Harvey. "We have uncertainty in how the water is going to react", when releases from the reservoirs hit overflowing drainage. In Houston, the largest shelter at the convention center has a capacity of 5,000 people, but as of Tuesday morning, it was housing more than 9,000 evacuees. Hurricane Harvey left a trail of devastation Saturday after the most powerful storm to hit the US mainland in over a decade slammed into Texas, destroying homes, severing power supplies, and forcing tens of thousands of residents to flee. Officials acknowledge that fatalities from Harvey could soar once the floodwaters start to recede from one of America's most sprawling metropolitan centres.

Unconfirmed reports of others missing or presumed dead are growing.

Ahead of Tropical Storm Harvey's third landfall, authorities in Brazoria County just south of Houston issued a frightening warning regarding unsafe water levels.

"They need to get out".

Columbia Lakes is a neighborhood located in the southern portion of Brazoria County, where it is surrounded by the towns of Angleton, Lake Jackson and Brazoria. "GET OUT NOW!" the county posted on Twitter at 10:30. That marks the most rain ever recorded in the contiguous United States from a tropical storm that made landfall.

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