Senate panel gets more details about Trump Tower meeting

Senate panel gets more details about Trump Tower meeting

Senate panel gets more details about Trump Tower meeting

On Thursday, Mr Manafort dropped a law firm representing him in the Mueller-led investigation, switching to one with expertise in worldwide tax cases - indicating that Mr Manafort expects Mr Mueller to focus on his foreign financial entanglements.

Paul Manafort is searching for new legal representation as he faces an intensifying investigation into money-laundering allegations by Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller, The Post has learned.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is leading the Department of Justice's Russian Federation investigation, which involves Manafort, and it appears he may be focusing on Manafort's tax records and lobbying history.

The expansion of Mueller's investigation into Trump's finances has raised questions about how far the special counsel can go in chasing down leads before the probe devolves into a fishing expedition beyond its intended scope.

Politico's report suggested that the change in representation could be a signal that Manafort now needs special criminal counsel.

Manafort served as Trump's campaign chairman from March 2016 until August 2016. "Whether it's President Trump or somebody else", Napolitano said.

As for Sessions, Trump gave a tepid endorsement after weeks of publicly dressing down the attorney general.

Last month, Trump repeatedly excoriated Sessions for his decision to step aside from supervising the Russian Federation investigation, making it clear that he blamed the attorney general for the fact that he was facing the investigation by Mueller and his team.

A Mueller spokesperson declined comment for this story. I have no loans in Russian Federation.

Also, Jeffrey Yohai, the estranged husband of Manafort's daughter, is being investigated by FBI agents, according to the article.

In the context of Manafort's home being raided, these tweets can be construed as yet another attempt by Trump to intimidate the officials involved in the investigation into his campaign, and another attempt to interfere with that investigation.

But the former campaign manager's spokesman Jason Maloni said, "Paul Manafort is not a cooperating witness". "They're going to want to be able to say we had no choice but to do this and that the evidence for it was pretty compelling".

The president got asked about Manafort after a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence at Trump's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Gates also worked on the Trump campaign, transition and for a pro-Trump group.

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