Sharif flays judges for his ouster

He prayed for the well being and protection of his brother and the rally participants

He prayed for the well being and protection of his brother and the rally participants

Sharif stepped down after the Supreme Court's July 28 decision, but says he did it reluctantly.

12 de agosto de 2017, 09:20Islamabad, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) Kulsoom Nawaz has today the mission of the governing Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) to contest for the parliamentary seat left by her husband, Nawaz Sharif, who resigned last month as Prime Minister for a corruption scandal.

"It is an insult to 20 crore people of Pakistan".

Nawaz Sharif embarked on an on-the-road rally on Wednesday from Islamabad, heading to his hometown of Lahore.

Sharif was the 15th Pakistani prime minister to be ousted before completing a full term. "Some were executed, some jailed, some handcuffed, and some exiled", he said.

"Is there any court in the country to hold a dictator accountable?"

Nawaz also pledged his loyalty to the public and said that he would never betray them.

Observers say with Kalsoom's nomination for the parliament seat, Sharif intends to seek the dominant role of his family in politics and try to retain his traditional parliament seat in Lahore.

"This country can not go like this".

"The Supreme Court should do justice to Sharif and restore him", he said.

He said that he was ousted by 5 judges in just one minute. He stayed overnight in three different cities. He also held a meeting with party leaders before starting the travel.

A huge crowd gathered for his journey along the Grand Trunk Road bridging the 380 km (237 miles) between Islamabad and Lahore.

So, with the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, ruling Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz is technically a party with no head and as per ECP rules, its symbol can not be assigned to any candidate, reported Pakistan Today. However, key leaders from Sharif's ruling PML-N party were conspicuous by their absence, with some commentators suggesting this could be a reflection of disagreements within the party. That is why he reached Jhelum before the expected time.

He asked the people to make a pledge to guard their mandate so that elected representative are not removed through undemocratic ways. "Promise me that you would do what I tell you", he said.

He has said no corruption charges had been proved, and it was unfair to disqualify him on the grounds of not having declared a salary from his son's Dubai-based company among a list of assets submitted ahead of the 2013 elections that brought him to power. In unison, the people responded with a big "No".

"This gathering here serves as a referendum".

Nawaz asked the people, "I don't expect you to reinstate me, but I want you to support me for the betterment of this country". "Are you qualified to disqualify me?"

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