SNES Pre-Orders Go Live in Late August, Good Luck Getting One!



If you missed out on Nintendo's NES Classic system, that they for some reason decided to make a limited edition despite a tremendous demand, then you're probably eagerly anticipating the Super NED Classic Edition system slated for release next month. Shortly after, the big box retailer cited a technical glitch and canceled all SNES Classic Edition pre-orders. But it's worth noting that we don't have a baseline-a "significant amount of additional systems" merely indicates that demand for the SNES Classic was greater than Nintendo originally anticipated. Essentially, people in North America will be made available for early ordering later this month for a number of retailers.

Ever since Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition, fans have been frantically looking for a chance to reserve one.

Given the overwhelming success of its predecessor and the overall love for the Super Nintendo, to say that the SNES Classic Edition will be a hot commodity this fall and holiday season is a massive understatement.

Keep multiple tabs open from multiple retailers; keep an eye on nowinstock's website; call your local GameStop regularly after mid-month comes and goes and ask them when you'll be able to pre-order your console.

The situation has only led to further doubt which Nintendo publicly addressed on Tuesday.

That would be a significant boost, compared with last year's NES Classic, which proved immensely hard to get once the pre-order period was over.

Nintendo began pre-orders in the United Kingdom weeks ago.

Many worry that the same will happen with the SNES Classic Edition, especially with Nintendo only confirming stock through the rest of 2017.

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