Something kind of wooh: CBB's Sarah Harding drops paranormal Girls Aloud bombshell

Amelia Lily performs The Promise

Celebrity Big Brother Fans praised Amelia's performance of the Girls Aloud hit

Chaos descends as the other housemates try to step in to calm the nasty row whilst an angry Jemma stands up and starts shouting at Sarah, insisting that she's tried to help her by telling her to stop being negative.

"Sarah then asks why Jemma is "diving in" the argument before calling her a "****". She's like a Polly Pocket. She's not coping with the pressure and she's paranoid about what everyone thinks of her.

Fans have been split over this latest spat too, with people siding with both Sarah and Jemma.

Sarah asks why the Ex On The Beach star is "having a go" at her and Jemma, 29, explains that she's sticking up for Jordan who she's been friends with for a long time.

"I'm so sick of it. there was no need for that", she sobbed.

Sarah explains: 'Everyone's asking that. "We're so busy with our own stuff".

Jemma Lucy is VERY keen to learn about Girls Aloud...

"I've managed to watch a couple of episodes and it's actually really weird seeing someone you know so well in there".

Sarah is not in a great state. It's not for me to say, honestly.

But Sarah keeps her cool and moves the conversation in a different direction.

As he leaves the group, things get heated and take a personal turn pretty quickly, with insults being thrown around left right and centre.

However, Chantelle later denied any romantic relationship between them insisting: 'We had the last laugh.

Sarah continues: "I feel like there's three different groups of us... obviously you guys have got loads of energy, and then there's us who are, like, in the middle, who've never been around loads of people for a while".

"No one wants her to walk out so it's about trying to get her through these hard times".

'Nothing's forever, and we went through a lot together.

"Even if we had fell out I'm sure it wouldn't be a major deal in the future", she said.

The two housemates exchange insults after reality TV star Jordan Davies questioned Harding over comments she had made earlier in the day.

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