The iPhone 8 could mute notifications when you're looking at the screen

The iPhone 8 could mute notifications when you're looking at the screen

The iPhone 8 could mute notifications when you're looking at the screen

It has often been rumored that the iPhone 8 will ship with a front-facing 3D sensor to replace the Touch ID button, which would bring facial recognition to Apple's next flagship handset. Echoing a number of previous reports, Kuo adds that initial supply of Apple's highly anticipated device will be extremely constrained and that Apple may only be able to manufacture "between 2 million and 4 million" during the current quarter.

The catch here is that Geskin's second render of iPhone 8 mirrors the looks and design elements portrayed in Apple's promotional materials.

iPhone 8 will look fabulous and all signs point to it being a runaway achievement, regardless of the possibility that it costs the earth.

The forecast for the shipment of the OLED version of the iPhone 8 will only be two to four million units or less for the third quarter of this year. As of now, the news appears that iPhone 8 might launch in mid-September after the verification test of the product.

Forbes's Gordon Kelly agrees with the color options for the 2017 iPhone models being limited to only three choices, but his source claims that the choices will be black, silver, and jet black. It is possible that Touch ID could be in there underneath the rear panel glass, as this could be easier to implement than the apparently abandoned in-display design.

The new home button will also reportedly disappear when you're using certain apps (like, say, watching full-screen video on YouTube). The rumours that have constantly been pouring in have left nearly nothing for the imagination.

The iPhone will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and Apple is doing everything to make it memorable for its fans.

For the past few years we've expected Apple to put an OLED screen in the iPhone, and now the Sharp CEO, Jeng-wu Tai, has pretty much confirmed the iPhone 8 (7s) will have one.

"While this should be monitored as a potential negative for Apple, we think this is further posturing by Qualcomm in efforts to pressure Apple into reaching an out-of-court settlement to its separate royalty case", wrote Aaron Rakers, an analyst at Stifel. "It is a crisis but it is also an opportunity". The outline on the show is practically indistinguishable to a portion of the prior breaks and is very prone to be the last plan on the iPhone 8 also.

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