Tom Brady on Whether He Had Concussion: That's Nobody's Business

Status of every position after first week of Patriots training camp

Status of every position after first week of Patriots training camp

"They're one of my favorite bands, so it's pretty convenient tonight", Brady said Friday after the team's intrasquad scrimmage.

Brady talked turning 40, the story about him having concussions, and his love for the band ColdPlay. "Today is his last day in his 30s". I fell in love with the game when I was young and I'm still in love with it today. There's nowhere else he wants to spend it besides the football field. It marks the ninth time in the last 13 quarters that the New England Patriots quarterback has finished in the top three. Brady has played in every game in a season in 13 of his first 17 seasons. "I'm just enjoying every moment that's left".

"I look back at 2009 [with the Browns], and it wasn't as if Eric Mangini and I got along. If we can build those things into our offense and make some of those down-the-field plays, that takes some more pressure off other parts of the offense".

Brady's closest friends and family, including his wife Gisele, also shared heartfelt messages on social media. The Patriots set up a giant birthday card for Brady that fans can sign. "You know, I tried to draw them offsides and we got them, so it was kind of a free play".

"So that's how I approach everything". I mean, I'm not sitting here anxious about last year, or five years ago. My wife, my parents, my sisters - people that love me and care about me.

Cooks' presence on the roster could spark a more concerted effort to create those kinds of chunk plays Brady's talking about.

While some are predicting a flawless season for New England, Brady didn't want to say just how good he thinks this team can be. "That's why I believe in so much being proactive with your health". I think I've seen some other teams do that. I think that's the things I've really tried to incorporate in my own life.

"I get him touchdowns", Gronkowski said Wednesday with a smile. "It's a contact sport and I think we all understand that". It put the Patriots in a quandary: What do you get a man who has everything he needs? It's been a very important topic, certainly. Retirement is far from his mind, and as always, he's just focused on playing some football.

"There's a lot of talent, and certainly guys have worked hard, but we're just at the beginning like everybody else", Brady said when asked how good this team is.

He said the 50s? "I'm a long ways from California, but I made this my home and I love coming out here and practicing and getting ready to play". It never really feels like I'm working at it because I love doing it. Everyone's medical history is a private matter and that's why we have laws to protect against that sort of thing.

Did Brady receive any birthday gifts from his teammates?

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