United States wants dialogue between India-China over Doklam

Doklam standoff

Indian soldiers stopping Chinese troops from moving forward- File Pic

In the Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) attended by Major General rank officers from both sides, India insisted that the face-off could be resolved through simultaneous withdrawal of troops by the Indian and Chinese sides, they said.

Meanwhile, China has also vehemently rejected reports of it offering a compromise to India by relocating its troops in the disputed Doklam border area.

Indian and Chinese troops have been embroiled in the seven-week confrontation on the Doklam plateau, claimed by both China and India's tiny ally, Bhutan.

The stand-off has so far involved about 300 soldiers on each side standing a few hundred feet apart.

New Delhi raised the military alertness level as a "matter of caution", according to anonymous sources speaking to Reuters.

A section of the Indian media had reported on Thursday that almost a hundred residents of Nathang village in Sikkim, 35 km way from the faceoff point in Doklam, were asked to evacuate their houses by the Indian Army as a precautionary measure to avoid civilian casualties in the eventuality of a skirmish with Chinese forces.

India sends its troops onto "operational alert" every year in the fall - but this year the state has been activated early. "It has been done because of the situation", the anonymous source told Reuters.

It also alleged that the Indian troops had crossed the Sikkim sector of the Indo-China border. The state-controlled Global Times which has kept a barrage of hostile commentary said this week that if Modi continued the present course in the border, Beijing would have to take "counter-measures".

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The Tibetan Youth Congress members waved Indian and Tibetan flags and demanded that China leave Tibet. Therefore, the border standoff in the Doklam area is linked with China's domestic politics.

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