Valve Announces 'Artifact' DotA 2 Card Game

Valve are making a Dota 2 digital card game called Artifact

Valve announces Artifact, a Dota 2 card game

Valve has released a teaser trailer to the game and it can be found below. While we've yet to see gameplay or screenshots, we're guessing this is Valve's direct answer to Hearthstone: Blizzard's massively successful card game that lets you collect and battle with characters from all over the Warcraft universe. It's taking a leaf out of both CD Projekt Red and Blizzard's book by introducing a card game based around DotA 2. The lack of releases has made some fans feel like Valve is just resting on their laurels, or a pile of money so large that new game releases just aren't necessary anymore. Of course, that's assuming the Dota 2 card gaming experience is at least as fascinating as Hearthstone, which now has no worthy rival.

As The Verve puts it, "the one bit of respite from Dota 2 was in the fact it wasn't available to play on mobile devices, which Valve has evidently decided is an untapped opportunity". The International 2017 host Sean "Day9" Plott even explained that "anything you see in Dota, it's here". "He also hyped up the cards as be 'really interesting" with unique behaviors, including improvement cards where you can cast spells on varying lanes while they continue to upkeep with every turn. It has not, however, released a new game since the VR minigame collection The Lab in 2016. Will Valve rely on its unique game design to justify similar microtransactions?

Muir previously led development on solid tactical RPG Massive Chalice and entertaining mech-powered tower defence title Iron Brigade.

KitGuru Says: I'm a big fan of card games, so I'm actually pretty excited for this. All of three of those games offer a unique take on CCGs, but beyond them, there are many more games looking to take advantage of this relatively new - and insanely profitable and popular - gaming craze.

A video posted to YouTube by an worldwide attendee shows us the crowd's rather lackluster reaction to Valve's Artifact teaser.

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