Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Replacing Home Button with Gestures

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Replacing Home Button with Gestures

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Replacing Home Button with Gestures

Instead of a home button, it is believed users will perform actions using on-screen gesture controls involving a sort of dock of icons.

iPhone sales, Apple's most important business, have slowed in the past two years, as the iPhone 7's design was largely the same as its predecessor. Since Apple has eliminated the home button, according to Gurman, the company has created a new software-based home bar that will use new multitasking gestures to access different parts of the device.

It also noted that the iPad also recently gained an app menu reminiscent of OS X's dock.

Apple can't seem to keep much about the iPhone 8 a secret, but until now it was unclear how users will actually move around the interface. While Munster didn't say for certain that it will create a supercycle, he did say it will be as close as Apple can get to a supercycle.

It sounds like Apple is also introducing a face-scanning system that would recognize a user quickly and efficiently. Not everyone is a fan of the new feature, especially if it means your iPhone is always looking or listening. And there's a potential safety issue here as well. The group "Wireless Power Consortium" developed the Qi standard, which is the standard commonly used for wireless charging technology. Rumors claim that the company will be moving the fingerprint sensor at the back of the device, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Most of us slow down as we age. This has been a staple ever since the first iPhone launched ten years ago, but according to a new report the iPhone 8 will not have any semblance of such a button - not even a software-rendered one. The Apple Watch supports wireless charging through the consortium's Qi charging standard, but is incompatible with other existing wireless chargers.

Apple has made September its new iPhone launch month annually since it rolled out the iPhone 5 back in 2012.

The technology firm has an iPhone launch traditionally set in place for every September, meaning that an announcement date is enough to predict all the other days in September that are related to the highly anticipated launch of the new and radically redesigned iPhone 8. Thanks to the phone's design - the entire front of the device will be screen (except for a small notch up top) - Apple's entire approach to phones will need to change.

When will you be able to buy the iPhone 8?

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