White House: Trump 'not discussing' firing Mueller

The gubernatorial beach house is the same one that landed Christie in hot water when

White House: Trump 'not discussing' firing Mueller

The second was when Stephanopoulos demanded an assurance that President Trump wouldn't fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Why are we engaging in hypotheticals?"

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said during the weekend that the Trump administration has made clear it will cooperate with Mueller's investigation into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

As lawmaker Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said on CNN on Sunday: "R$3 ather than turning that investigation off, rather than concluding, we have looked at this for a year, there's really nothing to see here, as the president would claim, instead, if these allegations are true, it's moving into a new phase". "You're going back to President Obama and Hillary Clinton".

CONWAY: The most important thing that press secretary Sarah Sanders said there, which is completely true, is that there's no effect to any of these meetings.

Mueller kicked off August by impaneling a grand jury to investigate Russia's influence - an indication that the probe is entering a new phase.

A Trump friend said in June that he was considering doing so, and the president admitted he fired former FBI Director James Comey in part based on his dissatisfaction with the investigation.

"Bottom line Kellyanne, does the president commit to not firing Robert Mueller?" the host asked.

US President Donald Trump keeps calling the Russian Federation investigation "fake news".

Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday defended President Donald Trump amid reports that a special investigator has convened a federal grand jury to probe possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russian efforts to undermine the 2016 election. "There's no question that it is", he said.

"I just hope the final determination is a truly honest one", the president said at a rally in Huntington, West Virginia last week, "which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in November deserve and what all Americans who want a better future want and deserve".

He noted that the bill, if passed, would continue "beyond this administration incidentally, and it's important policy I think going forward". "And I believe, if they had reached out to Don McGahn, the campaign attorney, now the White House counsel, he would have told them that".

Conway's dismissal of the firing speculation echoes Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow, who told Fox News on Thursday that "the president is not thinking about firing Bob Mueller, so the speculation that's out there is just incorrect".

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