Why the National Football League should kill its Hall of Fame Game

NFL (7-10:30 p.m., NBC): Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys take on the Arizona Cardinals in the 2017 NFL Hall of Fame Game.

Although this is technically the first game on the calendar, the teams involved generally don't like being here because it means they have five preseason games to deal with, and have to play a full game a week before anyone else.

He's played in the preseason before, but getting two full quarters will allow Gabbert to weather the ebb-and-flow of a game, giving him an opportunity to get into a rhythm or get back into one, if necessary.

"A different secondary, a different front and all those things - how you react to it, how you put all those pieces together in one day". In the preseason, winning is very important for because it can solidify your spot on the roster and can propel your team int the regular season. "I really wanted to make a good first impression in live action like that and I think I made the biggest impact on special teams in that game just because I was trying to show my speed and my instincts and being around the ball".

Football is back. sort of.

Due to the fact the game rosters for this sort of preseason game are so unknown and unpredictable, it's also led to very close odds in terms of a victor.

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald know this - and know they don't receive an extra dime for their efforts - and will be sitting out the Hall of Fame Game .

He's accepted his role during training camp.

"It's everything you've been dreaming about since you were a kid", Cardinals' third-round pick Chad Williams said. "I've always played in the preseason, starter or not starter". So things should go a lot smoother with the field in better shape this year.

In 2011, the Hall of Fame Game was canceled after the league locked out its players during a labor dispute.

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