Woman Survives 7-Story Plunge From Parking Garage In BMW

VIDEO: BMW violently plunges off Texas parking garage

Heart-stopping moment car suddenly smashes into an alleyway from above and hits a vehicle after plunging from a SEVENTH floor parking lot

The video released Thursday shows the vehicle landing atop an SUV then rolling upside down onto the ground.

Shocking footage of a vehicle plunging seven stories off the side of a parking garage.

Surveillance video released by the Austin Police Department shows a Chevy Tahoe driving on a street next to the garage.

A woman in the BMW suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

Seconds later, a BMW sedan crashes front-first into the pavement, striking the SUV before coming to a rest on its roof.

Burch, who had his window down, had just pulled a U-turn at the entrance of Littlefield Garage July 13 and was driving away when he suddenly heard a noise and braked, he told KXAN.

A similar accident occurred at the same garage September 9, 2016 when a 24-year-old man crashed through the barriers on the top level.

A motorist in the United States is surprised to still be alive after a auto falling from a parking garage just missed the vehicle he was in.

He was not injured in the incident, and the driver of the BMW escaped with the help of a bystander.

The incident happened last month in Austin, Texas.

Code enforcement officials with the city have said they will urge the owner of the garage to install concrete barriers instead of the cable wires.

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