Wonder Woman of the Week: Rep. Maxine Waters

Wonder Woman of the Week: Rep. Maxine Waters

Wonder Woman of the Week: Rep. Maxine Waters

Asked on The View Friday morning if she was "disturbed" at all by the apparently illegal leak of confidential conversations Trump had with the presidents of Mexico and Australia during his first week in office, Waters said, "No, not at all". That really struck me as somebody who was brilliant and smart and all of that, but had a real sensibility and a heart and an understanding that a lot of people don't have.

In early July, Waters reiterated her hatred of Trump to the New York Times, saying that she chose to "take the gloves off" in encouraging others to see the president the way she does. "I think he is going to connect the dots and I think we're nearing a constitutional crisis".

"Not every president would be treated this way", Waters said. She called President Trump "the worst" president she's ever seen in a recent interview with "The Breakfast Club" saying he "believes in nothing".

The View co-host Jedediah Bila raised the issue that the White House leaks could damage US relations with other countries and ruin confidence in the confidentiality of correspondence with the White House. That's what the Democratic congresswoman from California told ABC's The View Friday as she continued her outspoken criticism of the 45th president.

Waters' career has been somewhat reborn due to social media meriting her a plethora of new supporters and also a new crop of haters. They won't be able to stand with him, if it is proven that they colluded. "They want us to do something". This man has no values. "I was one of the defenders of rap music even when it was gangster music because I thought it was creative and I thought that it opened up a whole new economic opportunity for black people where jobs and positions were created when they wouldn't play rap music on some of the major stations", she explains.

Representative Waters has previously argued that Donald Trump will inevitably be impeached because of his alleged ties to the Russian president who she also claimed is "advancing in Korea".

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