YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing

YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing

YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing

YouTube said in a blog post that it's ready to roll out this new sharing feature to all users globally.

YouTube began testing the feature past year, and has finally seen enough to warrant rolling it out worldwide to both its Android and iOS apps - which it will do over the next few days. This allows users to share videos and chat without leaving the YouTube app for Android and iOS devices. You can invite others to the conversation and even create groups - similar to what you would do on an instant messaging app like WhatsApp.

After over 6 months of waiting, the rest of the world is finally getting a cool new YouTube feature. Users can start a chat/group amongst their contacts on YouTube and share videos easily. Another way to use the new feature is to share a direct link and add new friends to chat about the video.

'We think it'll make sharing easier, faster and more fun on your phone'. Also, the shared video can be like by clicking the heart shaped icon tab and play the video the in landscape mode.

The mayor has called on YouTube and parent company Google to take a tougher stance on removing such videos, after gun and knife crime in the capital increased by 42 per cent and 24 per cent respectively over the a year ago. The company also clarified what it means to be "advertiser-friendly" on YouTube, as well as what kinds of hate-speech would be ineligible for monetization. Along with sharing video, chatting with the contacts with text as well as emojis just like other messaging groups is also possible. Along with watching videos on YouTube users share many videos with their peers. YouTube started testing the Community tab on certain channels, and this messenger is the next step in keeping people on the app instead of sharing externally. They can also chat about it without having to leave the YouTube app.

Spotted an interesting video on YouTube and want to share it with friends?

The green and black icons make it clear which videos are totally acceptable in YouTube's eyes and which are not, however the yellow icon is a bit more nebulous.

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