YouTube's new look finds a fit for your vertical videos

YouTube's new look finds a fit for your vertical videos

YouTube's new look finds a fit for your vertical videos

A new Library Account tabs has also been added-giving you easy access to what you are looking for. The app is getting the most of the redesign efforts, including a tweaked interface design and some useful new features. For instance, users will notice YouTube's header has gone white.

It will eventually allow users to speed up and slow down video playbacks too, similar to what you can already do on desktop.

The video platform also introduced a new logo which has been "cleaned up" and is more flexible. YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan published a blog post explaining everything the team has been working on in recent years while revealing some of the new features coming to the mobile app, the desktop redesign and, for the first time, a new logo.

YouTube has undergone a series of significant changes over the past few years, but on Tuesday, all of the pieces finally began to come together. That feature comes as more viewers - typically younger ones - are comfortable with watching vertical video thanks to services like Snapchat and Instagram. Vertical videos will have no black bars on the sides, just pure video viewing.

Meanwhile, in the near future, you'll be able to swipe left on your mobile device to watch the previous video or right to watch the next one, in other words: less scrolling and clicking, and more binging.

Browser and discover while you watch: Google recently added the ability to let you view a row of suggested videos while watching in full screen. Even the YouTube logo is getting a bit of a revamp, with a red and white play button in front of the name.

The new desktop design YouTube's been testing for months is rolling out to everyone, at last, including our beloved dark theme, which now needs to make the jump to mobile.

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