Apple TV's 4K movie pricing is exactly what the 4K world needs

Apple TV's 4K movie pricing is exactly what the 4K world needs

Apple TV's 4K movie pricing is exactly what the 4K world needs

While streaming boxes are often quick to receive app updates, these same apps can often take much longer to be updated on smart TVs, leading to users missing out on features like 4K and HDR when they get added to streaming services. Apple's been in talks with Hollywood to bring 4K content to the iTunes Store, and if you own any high-definition movies or TV shows on iTunes, it will automatically upgrade them to 4K HDR versions at no additional charge.

Apple is also stepping up by to bring more content for their Apple TV 4K platform by partnering with movie studios. As one might expect from a streaming box in 2017, most of the attention was on the new device's ability to play back 4K video with high dynamic range color (HDR).

Pricing for the 4K Apple TV will start at US$179/NZ$299 for a 32GB version, with availability from late September. The existing fourth-generation Apple TV will continue to be available for $US149.

Here's everything we know about Apple TV 4K, including the specs, features, release date, and price.

Supporting 4K resolutions along with industry standard HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Later this year, Apple will introduce Airplay 2 support, allowing Apple TV to control multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers as well as your home theatre speakers.

Apple unveiled an updated version of its popular Apple TV, the multimedia device that connects internet streaming services to televisions, in a much-anticipated event on Tuesday from its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple began its event with a tribute to Steve Jobs and Tim briefed about the all new Steve Jobs Theatre. The new model supports HDR video, too.

The next Apple TV is around the corner with the Apple TV 4K. In India, the Apple TV 4K 32GB variant is priced at Rs. 15,900 while the 64GB variant costs Rs. 17,900.

That's an awesome amount of power for a set-top box, and it will ease 4K streaming on the device.

To give it an edge with gaming the new Apple TV also comes with the A10X, the same advanced processor found in Apple's high-end iPad Pro. When browsing available sports, the Apple TV will display the time remaining in a game and the score to help you decide what to watch.

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