Ben Carson Praises Roy Moore In Break With Trump

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson speaks at Vaux Big

Ben Carson Praises Roy Moore In Break With Trump

Trump told the crowd that his opinion of Luther Strange was solidified when Strange offered him "total support" for the GOP's healthcare legislation. Again, the crowd cheered.

Everybody's got their pros and cons. Trump has more pros than he does cons. If I owned a football team, they kneeled, they would be gone. Trump said to cheers. By the way, rocket man should've been handled a long time ago...but I'm going to handle it now because it needs to be handled. We've got to this economy going and secure the borders. "You know, when the press is dishonest, which is most of the time, and when they say, like, I don't want to build a wall, I can tweet 'That was a false story".

"You gotta speak to Jeff Sessions about that", Trump smirked. He doesn't cow-tow to anybody. You're going to be great.

"We have to be loyal in life", Trump continued.

"If Hillary runs again in four years, which I hope she does, we're going to teach her to spend more time in MI". They will say, Donald Trump was not able to pull his candidate across the line.

It's a toss-up, then, between two men who are clearly unfit for the office to which they aspire. But he said twice that Luther would "definitely", "easily" win against Democrat Doug Jones in the December general election.

ROY MOORE: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Moore is up against Sen. He praised the "billions and billions of dollars" of Army missile defense work being done in Huntsville.

Next Tuesday in Alabama, Republican voters will have an outstanding opportunity to provide the President with some crucial assistance.

Trump also said "I feel like I'm from Alabama, frankly..." "I understand your values. Those are the values that made this country great".

Trump announced the upcoming campaign appearance, which is scheduled for September 22, while spending the weekend at his New Jersey golf club. Luther Strange, whom controversial former Governor Robert J. Bentley chose to hold Sessions' seat in the interim.

Strange, 64, and dubbed "Big Luther" in reference to his 6-foot-9 stature, has been backed by almost $9 million of advertising from a McConnell-allied political action committee.

Late in the rally, Trump acknowledged he was taking a risk by backing unusual and warned the media would be quick to point it out if odd does not win. "But this is our moment; this is your moment".

Trump's visit to Alabama comes just four days before the primary runoff and only hours after Ben Carson, a member of Trump's cabinet, issued a quasi-endorsement of Moore. "I think he shines when he's on the bench".

"Again, I'm taking a big risk because if Luther doesn't make it, they're going to go after me", Trump said, referring to the media's potential reaction to a unusual defeat.

Moore told the AP that the section of the speech was about how the country needed God's protection.

But the unusual endorsement represents a pragmatic decision by Trump, after heavy lobbying from Republican leaders, who view him as less unpredictable and risky than Moore.

"With Luther send a fighter to change Washington the way we all know it can be..."

Trump's visit was meant to reward Strange's loyalty, but also came at the urging of top Republicans, who worry Moore would be a disruptive figure in the Senate or might even lose to Jones. Thank you, Alabama, I love you.

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