China To Reduce Oil Supplies To North Korea And Halt Clothing Imports

In his speech on the United Nations floor on Tuesday, Donald Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if the USA was "forced to defend itself".

"I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire", Kim said in a statement filled with colorful insults that responded to Trump's own calling of the North Korean leader as "rocket man".

Without a drop of cynicism, the North Korean leader said that the comments of the American president against him were reflective of "mentally deranged behavior".

North Korea has put the worldwide community on alert over the past few months, conducting a slew of intercontinental ballistic missile tests and sending two over Japanese airspace.

"Whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation", Kim's statement said.

"This could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean".

This week, Trump appeared to have issued a warning to Pyongyang, saying the communist nation would be destroyed if it threatened the United States and its allies. Beijing has repeatedly expressed concern about the rise of tensions over North Korea and, while it too has signed up for the increasingly tough United Nations sanctions, it has also urged a return to talks and for all parties to exercise restraint.

"I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire", Kim said in a statement published through the DPRK's Korean Central News Agency Thursday.

His announcement came as the Chinese central bank told the country's banks to strictly implement United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang, amid U.S. concerns Beijing's response to North Korea's nuclear threat was not tough enough.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to take the "highest-level" action in response to President Trump's threat to "totally destroy" the North over its nuclear and missile programs.

US analysts now estimate that North Korea may have as many as 60 nuclear weapons, according to a Washington Post report.

Boasting of advancements shows the regime has made progress in the production and miniaturization of nuclear bombs, they say.

"Together with China we'll continue to strive for a reasonable approach and not an emotional one like when children in a kindergarten start fighting and no-one can stop them", he said.

North Korea detonated its sixth and most powerful nuclear weapon earlier this month at its north-east of Pyongyang. "China and Russian Federation to have them also engaged with Pyongyang on this issue".

President Trump dismissed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as "obviously a madman" after the rogue regime threatened to conduct a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean.

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