Destiny 2 Director Addresses Shader Microtransactions

Destiny 2 Director Addresses Shader Microtransactions

Destiny 2 Director Addresses Shader Microtransactions

But personally, I fell off of Destiny pretty quickly. There's a reason Call of Duty's multiplayer was so addictive the first time you played it: it's the numbers, Mason. This means that players will be allowed to use the guided games feature to take on the Nightfall Strike.

Destiny 2 for Xbox One and PS4 launched on September 6th, but already gamers are discussing what comes next for the title. Because you're supposed to run out, get impatient, and just start dumping money into eververse so you CAN have a stockpile. It all revolves around The Traveler, a planet-sized sphere that never speaks, but seems sentient.

Now, it's worth pointing out that the shader system in the sequel does come with more customization.

From there, though, the plot in the original game was hard to follow. Combined with the aforementioned campaign and return of Strikes, there is a ton of content present to help you reach max power level without repeating the same activity. Even aside from that, though, I found it hard to care about any characters in the world, and I could barely keep names straight.

Will Destiny 2 out-perform its predecessor?

The consensus so far on Destiny 2 is that it's a hugely entertaining game that easily surpasses the first in terms of narrative (although so does watching a piece of bread brown in a toaster, so that's a low bar).

There is also a clear villain who has a clear goal, and you have a clear way to stop him. Most baffling, Sparrows - the hoverbike vehicles synonymous with the first game - are now random loot drops, making exploring the world slower than we'd like. This gives players some level of control over their appearance, as long as they have the item. "I've been trying for over an hour!"

Destiny 2, by comparison, has so much more to discover.

Depending on your video game experience, you may or may not recognize "shader" as the term used to describe cosmetic items that overwrite the colors of items, although sometimes they're called "dyes" instead. If you get bored doing one type of activity, it's not hard to venture elsewhere to try something different. This feels like patting Destiny on the back for something it should have added years ago, but seriously: Thank God for the in-game map.

Most notably there have been plenty of concerned posts over on Reddit, where some players are frustrated that they're being forced to commit shaders to individual armour pieces that they may well upgrade at a later point.

As revealed by Bungie, Clans feature has just gone live in Destiny 2. Others noted that, comparatively, the shader issue is a small one in a game that's overall enjoyable and a considerable improvement on its predecessor, but it does bring to mind the constantly pressing question of just what a game developer owes to players for their purchase price. For now, Activision and Bungie aren't handling Destiny 2 expansions any differently than they did for Destiny.

Following the anger of players over Destiny 2's switch to one-time-use consumable shaders for armor, the game's director Luke Smith has clarified the adjustment in the gameplay mechanic.

Destiny 2's shader setup has produced a huge backlash among fans, with one thread on the game's active subreddit advocating that players boycott the game's microtransactions "until shaders become unlimited use".

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