Donald Trump scraps DACA program for 800000 young immigrants

OPINION | Don't slam Trump for sending DACA back to Congress

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After a series of recent reports indicating that Trump would be phasing out the program, Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke the silence September 5, providing the administration's first official remarks since the speculation began. Demonstrators opposed to the administration's decision massed in Washington and other cities beforehand, but there were no confrontations.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announcing the move, declared that the Obama-era policy had been "implemented unilaterally, to great controversy and legal concern".

Trump said he would begin phasing out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which he called an "amnesty-first approach", on March 5. How are young immigrants responding? DACA did not promise participants citizenship or permanent US residency, instead promising a reprieve from deportation.

Their predicament now shifts to Congress, which has repeatedly tried - and failed - to pass immigration legislation. "People who would be affected by this, who would be deported now - nobody wants that, including the president, which he said".

The overwhelming majority of DACA recipients are from Mexico. But the program isn't accepting new applications.

DACA does not give beneficiaries legal U.S. residency; they are simply given a reprieve from deportation while being allowed to legally work. "I think it's ill-informed, I think it rips families apart, and it's not what this country stands for". "I'm not planning on leaving unless I'm forced to".

"I'm mad and I'm sad, but I'm not going to let that get to me", she said through tears.

"The priorities remain the same - criminals, security threats, and those who repeatedly violate our immigration laws", she said.

Action by Congress is not certain. Already lawmakers including 2013 immigration reform veteran Republican Sens.

Democratic Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, who voted against the DREAM Act as a member of the House of Representatives, likewise criticized the decision.

The DACA supporters have also staged a protest outside the White House and Trump Tower against Trump's administration decision to end the programme.

Activist Gustavo Torres told the crowd: "This president lied to our community".

Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, called it "one of the most senseless, heartless, inhumane acts of any president in recent memory". Still, he added, "we must also recognize that we are nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws".

She said the UC schools would continue to offer in-state tuition to resident undocumented students and directed campus police "not to contact, detain, question or arrest individuals based on suspected undocumented status, or to enter agreements to undertake joint efforts to make arrests for federal immigration law violations". "All can not be accepted".

The decision has evoked widespread criticism with former President Barack Obama calling it calling it "wrong", "self-defeating" and "cruel". And it is cruel. Two bipartisan bills could grant DACA recipients legal status or create a pathway to citizenship.

Representative Mark Walker, leader of a large group of House conservatives, said in an interview with Fox News: "For Republicans, we have to be willing to hold the line when it comes to the out-of-control spending".

"The Department of Justice can not defend this overreach", Sessions said.

She says studies show that taking away this program will result in a loss of $460-billion dollars from the national Gross Domestic Product over the next decade.

An immigration hardliner, Dave Ray of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said DACA was bad public policy.

"This is something that needs to be fixed legislatively, and we have confidence that they (Congress) are going to do that".

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