'Everything looks positive' for Davante Adams so far

Davante Adams scored a touchdown before being forced out of action in the second half

Davante Adams scored a touchdown before being forced out of action in the second half

Adams was taken off the field on a stretcher with about 4 minutes left in the third quarter on Thursday night after getting hit in the head during a tackle by Trevathan. "Even though the [targeting] numbers are up, it's been a positive player behavior impact on the game itself". "I'll be ready for whatever they throw my way".

In order for Adams to play, he will have to clear the concussion protocol, which makes it very hard to predict whether or not he is going to be available to play again in 10 days. He instantly went down, his mouthguard flying through the air, and Packers players started calling for the medical staff as the whistles blew. He lowered his helmet and hit Parker's face mask with the top of his head. He's home. Had a chance to visit with Davante briefly last night.

"I'm looking forward to just him being OK and seeing what the people got to say about the fine", Trevathan said. If the act happens in the second half, the player would not only be ejected for the remainder of that game, he would also be disqualified for the first half of the following game.

"Every injury is different". He's rambunctious and ready to move forward. "He's a tough player, I don't think he was intentionally trying to hit 'Tae, but he did give him a good whack".

On third-and-goal at the Bears' 16-yard line, Aaron Rodgers threw a short eight-yard pass to Adams over the middle. Then he was nowhere to be found by the time the game eventually ended.

"It was a coach's decision, my decision to send him to the locker room", McCarthy said. "It's an internal matter that's being handled internally". "That issue I would have is a judgment call".

Meanwhile, McCarthy indicated that if there would be any punishment for Randall, it wouldn't be losing his spot on the roster. Both teams were coming off overtime wins Sunday.

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