Forbes Values Bears At $2.85 Billion

Cowboys are world's most valuable team at $4.8 billion

Forbes Values Bears At $2.85 Billion

All but five of the NFL's 32 teams are worth at least $2bn, while the Buffalo Bills are last on that list, valued at $1.6bn.

The most valuable are the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Redskins and 49ers.

Per Forbes' annual NFL valuation rankings, the Jaguars are the 25th-most valuable franchise in the league at $2.075 billion, up six percent from a year ago.

The top five: Dallas $4.8 billion, New England $3.7 billion, the New York Giants $3.3 billion, Washington $3.3 billion and San Francisco $3.05 billion.

The Packers are worth an estimated $2.55 billion, 13th-most in the league.

The publication said the value of the Cowboys, who have been the most valuable National Football League team for the last 11 years, rose 14 percent over last year. Values increase with inflation, postseason revenue, rights fees and stadium renovations.

This year's gain boosted the average team's worth to $2.5 billion. Only one team, the New York Jets, had a value ($2.75 billion) that stayed the same as previous year. The magazine estimates the Bills' value at $1.6 billion. With Mercedes-Benz Stadium opening this season, the Atlanta Falcons had the biggest year-to-year jump from 2016 to 2017.

Despite rough times the last few years, the team is still one of the most valuable in all of sports.

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