Friday in CE: Google is Working on an Echo Show Competitor

Friday in CE: Google is Working on an Echo Show Competitor

Friday in CE: Google is Working on an Echo Show Competitor

Sources are claiming that Google is working on a new smart screen device that will compete against the Amazon Echo Show.

Reportedly codenamed "Manhattan", sources say the Google device will have a screen that measures in at around seven inches, just like the Echo Show.

Because it will likely run on Android, third-party apps may be a possibility.

Please don't mistake my scepticism for a lack of excitement, I'd buy the hell out of any Google Home screen device.

If that sounds like something you'd find useful, then the Amazon Echo Look might be the smart device for you, otherwise you'd nearly certainly be much better served by one of the other models on this list. Whatever Google is planning, the company now needs to act quickly since Amazon has already expanded its lineup of Echo devices with the recent announcement of the Echo Spot, Echo Plus and the new Echo Buttons.

Speaking to, TechCrunch those anonymous sources have revealed how the Manhattan device has a screen similar in size to the 7in Echo Show. First off you need to be a new subscriber to take advantage of the promo, so current subscribers or older are not eligible to get the free credit.

The new smart speaker uses Amazon's second generation far-field technology, which offers improved wake word-processing, better beam-forming and enhanced noise cancellation.

This is also known after Google made a decision to eliminate support for YouTube in the Amazon Echo - application that will be on your device, of course.

There's a chance, though, that YouTube will eventually become available on the Echo Show.

Google's contention is to some degree reminiscent to that given by the organization four years back when it kept Windows Phone gadgets from getting to YouTube because of Microsoft's usage of the service, likewise referring to terms of service violations.

There is also a new Echo connect device that will allow you to make landline calls with Alexa. Extend that out to Assistant on Wear or on the Google Home and now the TV and again you'll get different and inconsistent experiences; this isn't good for Google's stated "one voice assistant" model. Amazon asserts that Google's choice wasn't invited by any specialized reason, considering it "baffling" and expressing that such a move harms the users of the two organizations.

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