Gov't assisting Jamaicans in Turks and Caicos Islands ahead of Hurricane Irma

National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center

This is being marked as one of the most extraordinary weather phenomena's in history.

Twitter user @Kaydi_K shared this video Saturday afternoon, and I knew right away that even though it looked as though it couldn't be possible, it was absolutely legit.

The most powerful hurricane ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean has battered several Caribbean islands, leaving Barbuda and St. Martins near "uninhabitable", according to national authorities.

"I am in disbelief right now..."

It's hard to believe that a storm would be so strong that it could remove the water surrounding an island, but the phenomenon is true.

Its power has changed the shape of the ocean around the Bahamas. Footage of a dry Bahamas shoreline hit the internet shortly after Irma swept through the Caribbean Islands.

Nassau, Bahamas: The Bahamas had a close call but ultimately escaped the worst of Hurricane Irma's destructive wrath, with no casualties or major infrastructure damages yet reported Friday.

She said: "Low pressure is basically a sucking mechanism - it sucks the air into it, and when it's really low, it can change the shape of the surface of the ocean".

The force of the mega-storm was so strong it was literally dragging water away from the shoreline in the Bahamas.

Meteorologists explain the incredible pressure from Hurricane Irma is pulling the water into the storm's center. The Category 4 storm made landfall Sunday morning in Florida, where it is expected to move up the western coast of the state.

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