James salutes National Football League response to Trump comments

LeBron James at Cavs media day

LeBron James at Cavs media day

Basketball star LeBron James lashes out on Monday against United States president Donald Trump over his verbal battle with the National Football League over players who drop to one knee during the national anthem.

On Saturday, Trump publicly disinvited the National Basketball Association champions, the Golden State Warriors, from the customary visit to the White House because star player Steph Curry said he didn't want to go. Speaking for the first time since losing in the NBA Finals, James discussed topics ranging from his future in Cleveland to a possible reunion with Dwayne Wade to a deep distaste for President Donald Trump on Monday during a free-wheeling, 45-minute news conference that served as the three-time champion's State of the Game address.

He alluded to Trump as "that guy that continues to try to divide us as people", and he said he's angry that Trump "used the sports platform to try to divide us".

"It's not about the disrespect of the flag and our military, it's about equality and the freedom to speak about things they feel are unjust".

But James didn't take anything away from the movement that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started last pre-season, when he was the first to take a knee during the national anthem. It seems clear to me that James doesn't understand why Irving wanted to leave. "It just depends on how much does it make sense to you, and how much does it affect you". You are in the most powerful position in the world. "I think it would be great to have him here". "Not one individual. And damn sure not him". I don't think a lot of people are educated, and they make choices and say things that's uneducated.

He said: "The NFL coaches, players, owners and fans and anyone associated with the NFL was unbelievable. While I have this platform, I will continue to inspire the state of OH, not only by what I do on the floor, but also by putting 1,300 kids into school and spending nearly $45 million".

"No matter if you voted for him or not - and you may have made a mistake, and that's OK", James said.

"I'm 28, people act like I'm 38". And when we have those problems, we have to figure out a way to come together and be as great as we can be as a people, James added.

According to Kellerman, James comes across as the presidential one in all of this.

"I tried to do whatever I could do to help the kid out and so he could be the best player he could be", LeBron continued.

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