Juncker calls for combining two European Union presidencies into one

Juncker calls for combining two European Union presidencies into one

Juncker calls for combining two European Union presidencies into one

The current tender for the design and production of new British passports is set to expire in 2019, the year the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Juncker gave an insight into his vision for the EU's future and how he hopes to keep the other 27 member states together after a tumultuous period.

Mr Juncker insisted the "wind is back in Europe's sails" as he boasted that countries were clamouring to do trade deals.

Juncker's said he "rules out European Union membership for Turkey in the foreseeable future", saying that "in the case of all accession countries, the rule of law, justice and fundamental values have top priority in the negotiations".

Hundreds of European Union nationals living in Britain were joined for the first time by British citizens living in the European Union for a day of protest in London Wednesday to demand that MPs protect their rights after Brexit.

Before it can enter into force, the proposal also needs to be agreed with the heads of state or government in the European Council, who must decide by a unanimous vote.

His proposal would end the ability of a single country to veto such decisions at ministerial level, although national leaders would retain veto power at European Union summits.

"We should bear in mind that the current distribution of seats is unfair", said Pedro Silva Pereira, one of the proponents on the reduction.

European Union leaders, who usually meet every three months, tend to reach overall political agreements that are later translated into legislative acts by relevant ministers.

He also issued a warning to Britian, which is now slowly progressing with exit negotiations, saying that "we will always regret this, and I think you will regret this too, soon".

This is shorter than has been previously suggested by others, and he said a transition with "no end" would be a "gangplank into thin air, increasing uncertainty and fuelling suspicion that it would be a means to stay in the European Union permanently by stealth". The eastern states are opposed, saying they should be allowed to compete in that way to catch up after decades of communist rule after World War Two. "The judgments of the European Court of Justice have to be respected by all". "To undermine them, or to undermine the independence of national courts, is to strip citizens of their fundamental rights", Juncker argued.

He also said the government was not good enough at overseeing large financial projects, which will add to fears the civil service will not be capable of effectively exercising the powers handed back to Britain from Brussels.

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