Kohl's to feature hands-on Amazon dedicated space in 10 stores

A Kohl’s department store in Jersey City New Jersey

Getty Images A Kohl’s department store in Jersey City New Jersey

Shoppers will be able to buy Amazon gadgets - like Kindles and Fire tablets - accessories and smart home products, such as the Echo speaker at these locations.

Kohl's will offer Amazon.com Inc products in some of its stores, while Home Depot will sell goods online via voice commands through Google Home and the Google Express website and mobile app. Kohl's did not identify which of its stores would contain the new sections.

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Initially, the two companies will open the shops in 10 Kohl's retail locations in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Customers can also ask to have an Amazon employee come to their home to install the devices or suggest products.

Through the partnership, Kohl's is also promoting Amazon Home Services, which offers customers access to local service professionals who help with tasks like cleaning and plumbing.

Kohl's says that there will be a dedicated 1,000-sq-foot space to provide customers a hands-on experience. However, you'll be pleased to learn that Amazon has a deal on the Amazon Tap as well for the same price of $79.99.

Shares of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin-based Kohl's Corp. soared 5 percent to close at $42.37 Wednesday.

The move is the latest approach from Amazon to expand its brand, having recently taken steps to show it is not content to remain purely as an ecommerce platform, demonstrated last month with its $13.7bn purchase of Whole Foods.

Add Kohl's to the list of brick-and-mortar retailers signing deals with Amazon.

Both the tech rivals are now coming together to promote the use of their smart devices like Echo, Alexa, and Cortana.

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