Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery System Will Save Space On Your Xbox One HDD

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Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery System Will Save Space On Your Xbox One HDD

We simply can't help but to expect Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy to be that mystery surprise coming to the Xbox One X. There is already a leak that has proven the game to get ported over to the console from Microsoft and it really looks convincing. According to Digital Foundry, who acquired developer notes for the new ID system, Intelligent Delivery will give developers the power to carve up key portions of their games into "chunks".

Later on, if you have finished the story and just play multiplayer then you could delete the campaign part of the game in order to make space for other games and apps that you use or want to try out.

One example of a situation that will take advantage of the new Xbox One technology is a game that supports various languages. Dubbed Intelligent Delivery, the system reportedly prioritizes only what each gamer actively needs, rather than forcing them to download the entire title.

It boils down to breaking up game data into different chunks, so that non-essential data can be omitted or downloaded later.

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For example, Xbox One users won't have to download 4K assets meant specifically for the Xbox One X when they buy their game, saving loads of wasted space on your Xbox One hard drive. But Xbox has a very clever way to tackle this problem and reduce the download size for games. Though Intelligent Delivery might bring back the days of multiple disc games with essential data on one and optional data on the others. All of this will still be available on demand via the Xbox One dash.

Xbox One owners may soon be spared the hassle of installing every last megabyte of game files on their consoles. That means that we will likely see support show up initially in first-party gaming titles, with big name publishers likely following closely behind.

That's because, thanks to Intelligent Delivery, those without 4K capable consoles won't be required to download the 4K assets that they can't actually make the most of.

As games get bigger, Microsoft has cooked up a sly way to keep Xbox One and Xbox One X download times down, not to mention save on hard drive space.

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