Millions of Time Warner Cable customer's information exposed after data leak

Millions of Time Warner Cable customer's information exposed after data leak

Millions of Time Warner Cable customer's information exposed after data leak

The breach was discovered by a third party firm that was working to resolve a data breach at another company.

The repositories were linked to BroadSoft, a US-based company with offices worldwide that provides services to large communications companies including AT&T, Sprint and Vodafone.

The TWC record information was not unique for all details exposed, instances of duplicate information, were also seen, meaning the breach ultimately exposed less than four million customers.

The data "was configured to allow public access and exposed extremely sensitive data" such as usernames, email addresses, credentials and in some cases billing addresses and phone numbers.

In 2016, Charter Communications became the owner of Time Warner Cable and changed its name into Spectrum.

The report notes that in addition to customer records, the exposed data included internal ISP records ranging from SQL database dumps and internal emails, to code containing data that could result in the compromising of other ISP systems.

On August 24, the Kromtech Security Center had its employees research a data breach at World Wrestling Entertainment.

Security company Kromtech found 600GB of unprotected data on an Amazon server last month.

Broadsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to Time Warner Cable parent Charter Communications, "There is some nonfinancial information of TWC customers, especially for those who used the MyTWC app, which may be visible to external individuals".

Verizon isn't the only big U.S. telecom whose corporate ally left customer data out in the open.

There's no indication yet that happened, but Kromtech is quick to state it will take some time and plenty of leg work to determine the impact and breadth of the exposure. While it's unclear how numerous customers are still current subscribers, if you happen to be a TWC (now Charter Spectrum) customer, it's a great idea to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity related to any of your accounts for the immediate future. On the other hand, a BroadSoft spokesperson believes that the vulnerable data didn't feature sensitive details.

The Auburn Police Department said customers who have been with the cable-network since 2010 and have used the MyTWC app are most at risk. "We apologize for the frustration and anxiety this causes, and will communicate directly to customers if their information was involved in this incident".

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