Mnuchin: I Requested Government Plane For 'National Security' Reasons

“People in Kentucky took this stuff very seriously. Being a New Yorker I don’t have any interest in watching the eclipse,” Steve Mnuchin said Thursday at a conference sponsored by Politico

Mnuchin: I Requested Government Plane For 'National Security' Reasons

Being a New Yorker.I was like, the eclipse?

In a statement, the department said the request for a government plane was withdrawn because a "secure communications option was identified" without the use of a government plane.

President Donald Trump is calling Mnuchin a "straight shooter" and saying he has total confidence in him following a report that Mnuchin's use of government planes is being investigated by the Treasury Department's inspector general.

"Mnuchin also denied reports that his recent trip aboard a government plane to Kentucky - made famous by Linton's Instagram post - had anything to do with checking out the eclipse. Being a New Yorker, I don't have any interest in watching the eclipse", Mnuchin said Thursday at a conference sponsored by Politico.

Treasury officials defended the visit as official government travel worthy of a flight aboard an Air Force jet. The Treasury has said it is looking into requests for use of government aircraft after the trip drew criticism.

Aside from the President and Vice President, travel on military aircraft is typically reserved for cabinet members who deal directly with national security, such as the Secretaries of Defense and State.

Linton responded by belittling the woman in a series of comments and even mentioned her honeymoon. That's the one that led his very bad wife Louise Linton to poor shame a mother of three on Instagram for calling out her touting of high-end fashion brands while ostensibly on government business, just like any hard-working American would do! (Corporate oligarchs do this all the time, and you've got the government to do it for you.) You got wealthy enough running your foreclosure mill to pay for the installation and still have enough left over for your wife to keep herself in "adorable" Hermes and Valentino for the rest of her days.

Mr Mnuchin, who has amassed a personal fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, married Scottish actress Louise Linton in June.

"Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you'd be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours", Linton wrote back.

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