One Of Trump's Favorite Properties Is Right In Hurricane Irma's Path

Irma makes landfall in Florida

Irma makes landfall in Florida

The Palm Beach complex, which Trump has begun to call the "winter White House", is a source of pride for the president.

Hurricane Irma appears to have already damaged one Trump property, with reports indicating that the president's 11-room mansion in St. Martin was torn apart by the storm. Thoughts and prayers for Mar-a-Lago.

Then there are those who hope Irma misses Mar-a-Lago completely, but just because they want Tropical Storm Jose - a more Hispanic-sounding name than "Irma" - to take aim at the estate.

Trump had listed the property for sale back in May at an undisclosed price. He also believes Mar-a-Lago has the best meatloaf in America.

Instead, it will be a storm surge, which he said could sea levels rising 8 feet in a worst-case scenario.

"President Trump will hold his fourth Cabinet meeting on Saturday and will lead discussion on the administration's priorities in addition to receiving briefings on Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts and preparations for Hurricane Irma", the White House said. He conceded to pocketing some of the money. Town of Palm Beach records showed no permits were issued for major repairs during that period.

Several other Trump Organization properties could also be tested by a diminished Irma if it turns north once it reaches Florida, as several computer models predict. Spokeswoman Amanda Miller did not respond to an email seeking specifics.

After struggling to hear the shouted questions from reporters, he says that while the storm is "a really bad one", the prepared for the risky major hurricane heading toward Florida. Just 45 miles (72 kilometers) west, dikes surrounding Lake Okeechobee failed and at least 2,500 people drowned, mostly farmworkers and their families.

In an interview with the news agency about Mar-a-Lago's history, Mr Trump's former butler Anthony Senecal said he did not remember catastrophic damage - only some lost roof tiles and flattened trees.

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