Pedroia defends the Red Sox stealing signs

Bston Red Sox steal New York Yankees Signs

The New York Yankees trail the Boston Red Sox in the American League East

However there are rules against the use of electronic equipment, which is what league investigator Bryan Seeley will have to take into consideration as he works this case.

It's not strictly the passing of information that's the problem here - "stealing signs", the process whereby a pitcher's instruction is somehow relayed to the batter, is perfectly legal when done through traditional means; the difference here is that the Red Sox - now at the top of America's Eastern League Division - used technology to give themselves the advantage, which is against game rules. Moreland then hit a sharp grounder to second that scored Betts. In a game largely characterized by a respect for traditional team communication, is the adaptation of modern technology into the flow of the game really cheating?

But, teams always tried to look in, especially when they had a runner at second base who could get a better view. But a review of Kahnle's performance can give either side ammunition. He added that as a manager he has an obligation to not let the opposition steal their catcher's signs if they put a runner on second base. This way, Red Sox batters will know the type of pitch in advance.

Andrew Benintendi hooked a changeup away for an RBI single between first and second.

In reality, the Red Sox might or might not be taking videos of team's signals from center field.

Nevertheless, it was the third straight changeup Moreland saw in the at-bat. "This needs to be dealt with sternly by the commissioner's office". A video person would watch the catcher's signals, relay them to a trainer in the dugout using the watches, and the trainer would inform the players. The Red Sox lost to Seattle 8-7 in 20 innings in 1981 — that game was suspended after 19 innings past 1 a.m. because of an American League curfew rule, and resumed about 18 hours later.

A source involved with the investigation said the Yankees strongly denied the accusation, which Joe Girardi indicated on Tuesday, when he said there was "no chance" the team used YES Network cameras to spy on the Red Sox.

Commissioner Rob Manfred happened to be at Fenway for the game as part of a previously planned visit.

He said pitchers and catchers would keep changing their signs to prevent the other team from figuring them out. The newspaper said one clip showed Pedroia passing along the intelligence to Boston outfielder Chris Young, who formerly played for the Yankees. And they had a nice (picture) of Doug (Fister) with an earpiece in.

"I would have been disappointed had I known about it and still it was taking place", he continued "The fact is that was not the case and we're dealing with the effect".

The revelation first broke in the NY media, with claims that the Yankees had solid evidence of Red Sox cheating during a three-game series between the two sides. "High School where I played, so I don't think this should be news to everybody". It's baseball. It's been going on forever. I grew up outside Boston and have lived and breathed Boston sports since before I can remember being able to think.

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