Pennywise, pound the box office. 'It' looks like a hit

Pennywise, pound the box office. 'It' looks like a hit

Pennywise, pound the box office. 'It' looks like a hit

I'd rather see less gore if the result is more believable, than have my suspension of disbelief broken by poorly-made computer images. Still, though, while critics and audiences seem to be firmly in the movie's corner, some fans of the book may have been a bit confused about why the movie left out one of the most memorable- and most controversial- scenes. One of the kids is played by Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler in "Stranger Things" and with the 80s setting, clothing (tube socks!) and music, it all feels very nostalgic. At its heart, though, it's a 1980s-like coming-of-age tale, a la the Stephen Spielberg movies of the '80s and Rob Reiner's brilliant 1986 adaptation of King's novella "The Body" which was retitled "Stand by Me".

It takes place in the small ME town of Derry in the late 80s. After a string of other child disappearances in the town, Bill and his friends start seeing hallucinations of the same clown taking the form of their worst nightmares and trying to kill them. Seven kids recognize the malevolence of the creature, and while being bullied by older kids who are manipulated by Pennywise, they vow to destroy it and end a reign of terror that has gone on for over a century.

Summing up his thoughts on the film, King said, "I liked it".

King said in an interview last week that the book is among his favorites, "in kind of a problematic way".

The pacing is ideal and I did not lose interest in the movie for a single second.

The monster awakens every 27 years, and 27 years after the release of the 1990s miniseries "It", Pennywise the Dancing Clown returns to screens to terrorize another generation of youngsters. But, for the most part, this is horror at its finest by being unnerving, heartfelt and occasionally amusing.

For many horror movies, finding a balance between a captivating story and scaring the audience is a hard, oftentimes impossible feat. Of course I kept getting reminded of it, CONSTANTLY. He's terrifying, oddly amusing and downright insane in this movie. What did you think? Which flick are you checking out this week? As the story unfolds, however, and the movie's young band of misfits goes on a Pennywise hunt, "It" remains mildly entertaining but not truly haunting.

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