Premier League transfer window to close before start of the season

Premier League

Premier League transfer window to close before start of the season

This new rule only applies to buying players. This is a world where Swansea are taking Renato Sanches on loan from Bayern Munich.

It's unclear why this five voted against, or avoided, it but in the case of United and City it's probably down to how long it can take to land certain players.

This move means that clubs can not now buy players once the season has begun with the window shutting the Thursday before the opening weekend, which will be August 9 next year.

At first, this looks singularly like Premier League teams doing the unthinkable and voting against their own financial and footballing interests. Players find it exceedingly hard to turn down their advances when those two come calling. Borussia Monechengladbach director of sport Max Eberl said, "The current regulations aren't just a distortion of the competition but also cheat the fan who buys the shirt of a player who might play for another club by the end of August".

How will Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele line up with Barcelona next season? Worse still, if a transfer in that regard does actually go through then a team like Liverpool are absolutely powerless to act in finding a replacement.

The Old Trafford and Etihad sides attempted to kybosh the change as they do not want to be held to ransom by the European giants still able to trade after the early August deadline.

Bayern coach Ancelotti, who won the 2014 Champions League title as Real's head coach with Zidane as his assistant, says he hopes the Bundesliga follows the example set by English clubs.

We did have managers' meetings before the season started. With the window going right up to the Thursday before the campaign starts, all business is going to be transfer business. In fact, it could make things a lot worse. "I believe it's important that we change that and close all that stuff before the championship starts", he said.

But boss Jurgen Klopp two weeks ago also lent his support to the window change, saying an earlier deadline "would have helped us this year". It is a noble quest that the Premier League is embarking on but one that is totally useless without adherence from everyone. Juventus CEO Beppe Marrota is a supporter of Premier League's decision.

It is understood that both Manchester clubs voted against the shorter transfer window.

"Managers have complained that allowing players to move once the season is under way causes disruption to their squads and preparations", writes BBC Sport.

Plenty of talk but, as yet, no legislation.

The proposal needed two-thirds of clubs to back the move and 14 voted in favour, five against with one abstention - with the one club abstaining it needed 13 votes in order to be passed.

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