Red Balloons Are Popping Up On Storm Grates Ahead Of 'It' Movie

Drawing inspiration from the upcoming Stephen King horror flick It an unidentified ‘prankster’ has tied a red balloon to a sewer grate in Lititz Borough Pennsylvania and the police have taken notice

Pennsylvania police respond to red balloons tied to sewer grates

The new film version of Stephen King's IT is only a few days away, but fans in Pennsylvania are getting a little too eager for the police department's liking.

Ahead of the release of It, the new adaptation of the Stephen King thriller about a monster clown that terrorizes a ME town, you may have noticed some multiplexes floating red balloons to promote the film.

The red balloon is what Pennywise, the child-eating clown who lives in the sewers of Stephen King's novel "It" uses as a calling card.

If pranksters have their way this will be the creepiest town in America. "If you see something say something", the Lititz Borough Police Department advises.

The balloons come after Pennsylvania State Police issued a "community awareness bulletin" saying that there may be more clown sightings because of the movie.

"The creepy clown craze in September 2016 resulted in at least a dozen people arrested in Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia for either taking part in the menacing stunt or for making false reports", they stated.

Police officers in a small Pennsylvania town are evidently afraid of a certain homicidal clown.

Wearing a clown costume is not a crime, Detz reminds residents, but the person wearing the outfit should keep in mind to act responsibly. "If they are showing support for a movie that's not a problem".

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