RI senator to support nationwide health insurance coverage

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) Monday joined other possible presidential contenders in backing Sen.

Sanders' bill comes as an increasing number of high-profile Democrats continue to raise their support for single-payer healthcare, or basic healthcare that is guaranteed to all citizens through the use of taxes. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kamala Harris of California and Kirsten Gillibrand of NY, are also supporting the bill, according to news reports.

The momentum among Democratic 2020 hopefuls showcases the scale of Sanders' early influence over the 2020 Democratic process.

Sanders' proposal to create a federally administered single-payer system covering all health care services for every American is shaping up to be a flagship issue for the Democratic party in upcoming elections.

"Right now, our health care system is incredibly complex, fragmented and stressful".

Merkley, a Democrat, endorsed Sanders' presidential candidacy past year and has worked with him on issues ranging from cannibus legalization to a proposed ban on fossil fuel development on public lands. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), last Thursday. Sen.

She added, "So I'll be fighting with Bernie - and I hope with all of you - to pass Medicare-for-all and finally give every American access to affordable, good quality health care". The advocates of this view have consistently said that Obamacare's true goal was to wreak so much havoc on the health care system that the voters, the vast majority of whom don't support single-payer, would eventually become so frustrated by the chaos that they would accept any "solution" that promised to make the pain stop.

Whitehouse is a member of the Senate's health committee.

Still, single-payer is gaining traction among Democrats. I said, nope, we're not going to put single-payer on the table. Why?

"I'm signing onto Medicare-for-all, which I'm excited to do this week", Booker said in an interview with NJTV. "I think, right now, he wants to be the rational and reasonable voice of the progressive wing of the Democratic party".

Other potential Democratic presidential candidates such as California Sen. The GOP's failed efforts to repeal and/or replace the Affordable Care Act have cemented government's increased role in health care, and not even Republicans are really arguing for a big rollback on that. Just a year ago, Hillary Clinton dismissed single-payer as "a theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass".

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