Rohingya crisis: Muslim insurgents declare month-long truce in Myanmar's Rakhine state

Rohingya crisis: Muslim insurgents declare month-long truce in Myanmar's Rakhine state

Rohingya crisis: Muslim insurgents declare month-long truce in Myanmar's Rakhine state

Rohingya Muslims are considered to be among the world's most persecuted people. The photos emerging from the border between the two countries show these people's desperate situation.

An estimated 270,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed into Bangladesh's southeastern region since August 25, United Nations officials said Friday in releasing updated estimates that reflected a leap of more than 100,000 from the day before.

Small solar panels are everywhere in the makeshift refugee camp that has sprouted up to accommodate numerous more than 270,000 people the United Nations says have entered Bangladesh since the violence started. The government of Myanmar said 15 members of the security forces and 370 militants were killed.

Emine Erdogan visited the Kutupalang Rohingya camp and adjacent makeshift refugee shelters at Ukhia upazila of Cox's Bazar yesterday afternoon, hours after her arrived in Dhaka.

The resolution called upon Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to take immediate steps to stop the atrocities being committed in Myanmar where her party is in power.

"The Myanmar government and army is involved in the killing of innocent Muslims and we are demanding from the government of Pakistan to immediately expel the Myanmar ambassador and suspend all defense agreements with them", he said.

India also faces the problem of Rohingyas fleeing into the states bordering Myanmar.

The wave of hungry and traumatised refugees pouring into Bangladesh has strained aid agencies and local communities already helping hundreds of thousands displaced by previous waves of violence in Myanmar.

The resolution said brutal acts perpetrated against the unarmed civilian population not only constitute state terrorism, but also question the collective human conscience across nations and societies.

Rohingya had to leave behind the vast majority of their livestock.

But detractors say Suu Kyi is one of the few people with the mass appeal and moral authority in Myanmar to swim against the tide on the issue.

The two Rohingya Muslim refugees, Mohammad Sallimullah and Mohammad Shakir, who had knocked the doors of the apex court in the regard, told that they would face death on being deported to Myanmar.

They have also been unable to distribute food aid in northern Rakhine since the fighting began.

The statement called on the Myanmar government to do the same to address the "humanitarian crisis" unfolding in the state. The impact of ARSA's move is unclear, but it does not appear to have been able to put up significant resistance against the military force unleashed in Rakhine state, where thousands of homes have been burned down and dozens of villages destroyed.

Rohingya refugees making their way along a muddy path through a padi field after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

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