Sony Intros Google Assistant-Powered Speaker, Costs $199

Sony Intros Google Assistant-Powered Speaker, Costs $199

Sony Intros Google Assistant-Powered Speaker, Costs $199

Yesterday we talked about how LG will be using it in appliances, and now Sony has announced their connected speaker that will be called the LF-S50G. The base of the speaker meanwhile is metal, delivering a premium finish.

The LF-S50G features both Bluetooth and NFC for easy pairing and compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, you can also use it to control other smart devices found in your home.

Nearly central to the LF-S50G speaker are LED lights indicating the time, while four LED circles appear above the time when Google Assistant is activated or listening.

The Sony LF-S50G will be priced at $200 when it is released sometime in October of this year. It also has an IPX3-rating and a water repellent coating so it can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as the living room or any other room you fancy it in.

If you don't want to use your voice, the LF-S50G also supports non-touch hand gestures to start/stop music, skipping tracks and adjust the volume - just wave your hand next to the speaker. Increasing or decreasing volume requires you to make a circular motion with your finger, and responded as quickly as physical volume keys when I tried it.

Invoke: Microsoft partnered with Harman Kardon to create the Invoke speaker, complete with familiar Windows assistant Cortana.

There is also an alarm clock functionality on the LF-S50G.

The smart speaker was revealed today at the IFA conference in Berlin. The company says its speaker will offer a full-range vocal and treble notes, something music aficionados will appreciate.

Sony audio products with Chromecast built-in include: The model HT-ST5000, HT-NT5, and HT-CT800 sound bars, model STRZA810ES, STR-DN1080, and STR-DN860 receivers, model SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 wireless speakers.

Google Assistant appeared to work well and although there was a slight delay on some occasions, this could be down to the speaker not being able to hear the command through the trade show noise so we won't judge this element yet either.

Sony originally planned to make a smart speaker equipped with a proprietary conversational AI developed through a subsidiary.

While the noisy and crowded environment of the show floor at IFA wasn't very conducive to discerning audio quality, from what I heard the LF-S50G strikes a good balance between the lows and highs, with a reasonable amount of bass producing a warm sound from all angles (the speaker emits audio in 360 degrees).

It will be available from November for £200.

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