Thousands of Australians rally in support of gay marriage

The postal survey allows a privileged majority to cast a verdict on people's lives

Thousands of Australians rally in support of gay marriage

As we know, the High Court ruled that the same-sex marriage postal plebiscite is officially going ahead, which means we'll soon start receiving ballots in the mail to have our say on whether same-sex marriage should become legal in Australia.

Many of those are first-time voters.

That buoyed Yes campaigners, who said many of those were young Australians joining the roll in order to vote for change.

Various politicians, such as opposition leader Bill Shorten and deputy leader Tanya Pilbersek, were also in attendance.

And though the non-binding survey will cost the nation $122 million, there's nothing too flashy about the survey form.

However the bureau is encouraging forms to be sent in by October 27.

In the next line, it notes that nothing but the survey form should be placed in the envelope. Please do not include correspondence, complaints or other communication - it will not be answered.

The ABS has encouraged Australians to return the form as soon as they can.

"Any extraneous material inserted in the envelope with the survey will be destroyed".

Any survey which arrives at the address after 6pm on November 7 will not be counted, and the result will be announced on November 17.

It's expected the laws will pass parliament by the end of this week.

If the vote is "no" then there will be no immediate change, but those championing change have vowed to keep on pressing their case.

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