Torkham crossing remains closed on second day after Pak-Afghan border blasts

The writer is a former ambassador of Pakistan

The writer is a former ambassador of Pakistan

At least six Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel and a child were injured in two consecutive explosions at the Pak-Afghan border at Torkham, security officials said on Friday.

The strike took place on a border village in the Kurram tribal region, which has served as a hideout for local and foreign militants over the past several years.

"Two missiles were dropped on the home of Maulvi Mohib and three people have been killed", Wazir said.

Another Taliban member, whose name was not mentioned in the report either, said Mohib was part of the Afghan Taliban. "This is just a propaganda of the Western media".

Ties between Washington and Islamabad have frayed in recent years amid USA counter-terrorism efforts along the Afghan-Pakistani border and the secret US raid that killed al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

U.S. drone attacks inside Pakistan have become infrequent over the past few years.

The US-led global forces in Afghanistan had no immediate information on the strike.

Rayad Emrit, a West Indies allrounder for SCL team Bost Defenders, said the cricket would continue, adding that "the crowd support again has been excellent, the security for us has been tremendous and we hope that it can only get better".

The three sides in trilateral talks expressed their commitment to eliminate the militant Islamic State through information sharing, complementary efforts and enhanced cooperation.

In a major speech outlining U.S. policy on Afghanistan last month, Trump lambasted Pakistan for sheltering "agents of chaos" and suggested ties with Islamabad would be adjusted immediately.

Observers predicted an increase in USA drone attacks inside Pakistan when Trump came into power, but since January there have only been a few.

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