Trump in Florida for Hurricane Irma briefings

Trump in Florida for Hurricane Irma briefings

Trump in Florida for Hurricane Irma briefings

US President Donald Trump has visited Florida to meet people affected by Hurricane Irma and thank the emergency services.

According to a White House transcript, a reporter asked: "Mr. President, the severity of these storms - the one in Florida, the one in Texas - has that made you rethink your views of climate change?" "This has been a hard situation". Authorities are now reporting death toll at 31, while more than 2.5 million Americans still don't have access to power.

After Harvey struck Texas, Mr Trump drew criticism for having minimal interaction with residents during his first trip in late August. Vice President Mike Pence, who traveled separately to Florida, handed out food alongside the president and first lady. "We are there for you 100 percent", he said, adding, "this is a state that I know very well".

Meanwhile, White House spokesman says that President Trump and the entire administration continue to monitor the situation in all areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

The president could not resist injecting a political flavour into his visit, telling reporters in Fort Myers that he was hopeful that Mr Scott, a two-term Republican, would run for the Senate, where Democrat Bill Nelson is up for re-election next year.

However, some scientists have found that the effects of global warming - namely warmer oceans and hotter air - can intensify hurricane formation and result in higher rainfall, though just how much those factors might affect the storms remains uncertain.

It barreled into the Florida Keys island chain on Sunday, packing sustained winds of up to 130mph (215kph) before plowing up the Gulf Coast of the state and dissipating.

The home was left without power after Hurricane Irma arrived.

In the city of Hollywood, north of Miami, police are investigating the deaths of eight nursing home residents.

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