Vladimir Putin Says he Believes US Willing to Defuse Korea Tensions

Moon S. Korea Russia Cooperation Will Draw N. Korea's Change

Vladimir Putin Says he Believes US Willing to Defuse Korea Tensions

"It is clear that it is impossible to solve the problems of the Korean Peninsula by sanctions alone and pressure", the president said at the economic forum in Vladivostok, following talks with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-In. He said it "offers a genuine way to defuse the tensions and a step-by-step settlement".

The South Korean presidential spokesman quoted Putin as saying that Russian Federation was concerned that the blockage of oil supplies would hurt civilians including hospitals. The missile systems, "Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (Thaad)" was on the verge of installation at a golf course in the village when the protest began.

While both condemned North Korea over its latest nuclear test, the leaders of Russian Federation and South Korea seemed far apart on stepping up sanctions against the country.

While Putin reiterated Moscow's opposition to new sanctions against North Korea, he told reporters he had assured South Korean President Moon Jae-in that Moscow condemns North Korea's nuclear test and thinks it "flagrantly violates" global law.

South Korean officials have also reported signs of another missile test in the works, possibly a long-range launch set for this weekend.

Vladimir Putin has attacked Donald Trump over the situation in North Korea, saying conflict with nuclear weapons must be avoided.

The statements were made shortly after the meeting with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, which took place in Vladivostok on Wednesday.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on September 7 that the Security Council should make a further response on North Korea, but added that sanctions were only half the solution and must be combined with dialogue and negotiation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country is opposed to cutting off oil supplies to North Korea to stop the country from conducting further nuclear tests. The North says it detonated a hydrogen bomb in its sixth nuclear test on Sunday.

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