Watch Live Video of Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin Weigh Ins

Adalaide Byrd had Álvarez right beating Golovkin 118-110

Adalaide Byrd had Álvarez right beating Golovkin 118-110ISAAC BREKKEN AP

This occurs when any die-hard aficionado of the sport starts to get that indescribable feeling of nervous energy in his or her gut, while imagining both men standing across the ring in opposite corners waiting for the first bell to ring. But Alvarez packs power, too, and the red-headed Mexican is a savage counterpuncher with a style that should match up perfectly against the onrushing Golovkin.

De La Hoya says Alvarez has the potential to "break records in years to come".

"I am going to give the fans a special fight - a real fight". Still, it promises to be a can't miss fight that brings back memories of the great middleweights of the 1980's. Im ready to show how a true Mexican fights, ” said Canelo.

But it's also $10-$20 cheaper at most of the places you can pay to go watch it, too. It won't be the first time the two have met, but it will be under far different circumstances.

"This is my biggest fight", he said. "Boxing needs this fight and I'm glad I was able to make it".

Expect each fighter to deliver flush punches.

There's plenty for fight fans to ponder in the buildup to this bout.

Golovkin, the unbeaten knockout puncher from Kazakhstan, will defend his middleweight titles against Alvarez, Mexico's biggest boxing star.

Poor judging decisions blighted Ward’s second fight with Kovalev left
Poor judging decisions blighted Ward’s second fight with Kovalev leftETHAN MILLER GETTY IMAGES

'The baby would come without me being there.

I see Alvarez keeping it close, and believe he's going to get the nod in narrow rounds from at least two of the three judges, Dave Moretti, Adalaide Byrd and Don Trella.

"[Canelo is] a world champion and I think this is the biggest fight for us and a tough fight". For Golovkin, the fight is the culmination of a long battle to establish himself as the top middleweight in the world.

Due to piracy laws and with all the money at stake for big fight PPVs, it is becoming increasingly hard to get a reliable link.

Golovkin, 35, has a 37-0 record while Alvarez, 27, is 49-1-1, the single loss being to Floyd Mayweather in 2013.

Saunders promised to be in the best shape of his life when he meets 30-year-old Monroe Jr at the Copper Box Arena, which he has lived up to, but piling on and then stripping weight fast does not do any good for stamina.

And will this clash of elite level titans live up to its enormous critical expectation and become this decade's Corrales vs. Castillo I?

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