Woman pulls out gun during fight in school supplies aisle at Walmart

Shopper pulls gun on woman trying to buy children's notebook in back-to-school sale

The incident took place in front of children

The fight quickly ended as customers were seen running away and police were called.

Now a back-to-school shopping trip for multiple families went batshit insane when a woman actually pulled out a gun in a dispute over a notebook.

"She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them", Novi Police Detective Scott Baetens said.

But things got truly out of control when a 51-year-old, whose daughter was one of the women involved in the fracas, pulled out a firearm to protect her.

Police said the gun was pulled out during a fight over school supplies. "There has been a bit of pushing and shoving, and they began to argue about who had to buy the book", continued the policeman.

Both duos of women were not backing down, as police and witnesses described the two women pulling the younger woman's hair.

WCRZ-FM reports that the two Farmington Hills women were shopping for school supplies, and when one of them reached for the last notebook on the shelf, a South Lyon woman also reached for it. Police told the Free Press that it was the 20-year-old who reached for it.

Baetens noted that the woman holds a valid license for a concealed pistol. Investigators are trying to get more witnesses to come forward, and they're trying to get surveillance video from the store to get a closer look at what happened.

People were horrified. There were multiple children right around her when she started waving a loaded gun around.

However, Baetens says prosecutors are still considering charges against all four women. No one was hurt.

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