2016-17 Tesla Model X recalled for seat fix

The recall affects any Tesla Model X with fold-flat second row seats that were produced between October 28, 2016, and August 16, 2017, the AP reports.

Tesla began informing customers about the recall Thursday. In April 2016, around 2,700 vehicles were recalled because the carmaker said testing had revealed that the third row could slide forward during a crash.

Tesla has estimated that only about 3% of the recalled Model X SUVs have the problem.

Fortunately the fix isn't too hard, and you can even have a Tesla technician visit you at your home if you prefer - it takes about 10 minutes to correct the fault, and then you can drive away safe in the knowledge that all your auto seats are going to stay in place.

National Road Traffic Security Administration, Tesla Model X has achieved good grades in independently conducted security tests, but test result indicated that some cables in rear seats should be adjusted. Tesla has had larger, more important recalls in the past, with some to do with seatbelt defects, and they've affected far larger numbers, too. This is why company started to recall tools. Tesla's going to use mobile fix services for this job. (Even with this issue, the seat is strong enough for a single adult or two children.) You may also continue to use child seats using the LATCH anchors, as these anchors are attached to the seat base and not the seat back.

According to the auto manufacturer the issue affects three per cent of Model X vehicles that are configured with fold-flat second row seats, that were manufactured during that period of time.

However, since the release of the Model S, Tesla has been cricitised for issues with build quality and general quality control.

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